Unique Films United Productions, LLC - Production/Finance/Distribution
Donna White
Donna White  has  been  in  the  entertainment  industry  for over 24 years, marketing, packaging and representing Producers, directors, actors, singers,  music  groups in  the industry, as personal  manager  under  her  company  WCDI  Network Marketing  (World Connect Direct Intl.). In September of 2007 she formed “Unique Films United Productions, I.N.C.,”  now know as Unique Films United Prodctions, LLC of California. Now working with writers, producers and Director of independent films. She  also packages commercial deals for financing.

Twilight Films

Since November 2005, Donna White started to work with the Film Director Milos Twilight, becoming his agent/Manager. Then in 2011, she joined as a partner with him, becoming the CEO of Twilight Films.